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Atopic Dermatitis is a common skin problem. The patient will often scratch their skin due to itching and it can become inflamed. In Hong Kong, 52% of Atopic Dermatitis patients feel worried that their looks will be affected by eczema, and this result in lower self-esteem, performance at work and it has an impact on social activities. Patients with Atopic Dermatitis need to pay extra attention to their skin condition, and should not randomly use lotion, ointments or steroids to manage the symptoms as they can increase the chance of having serious relapses in the future. Once the conditions worsen, it can deeply affect your daily life, especially for babies, if they do not receive proper care. The consequences can be disastrous. Besides the patient themselves, their families can also become “victims” of Atopic Dermatitis. International research shows that family members’ emotions, quality of life, relationships, and health can also be affected, and in the worst situations they may even become depressed and anxious. Therefore, controlling and curing Atopic Dermatitis should be a priority. Using the right products and improving the environment are the most effective ways to manage Atopic Dermatitis, even if it cannot cure Atopic Dermatitis immediately, it can still sooth the symptoms and reduce exposure to allergens to prevent further deterioration.

Golden 10

Initial Steps: Start from the Bedroom

  1. EncasePillow
  2. Encase Mattress
  3. Encase comforterin zippered impermeable cover
  4. Washall blankets, sheets, pillow covers and mattress pads in hot water (55˚C-60˚C) or with our patented laundry detergent (A2Clean™) once a week to remove dust mites and allergens.
  5. Removebedroom carpeting if at all possible. If unable to remove carpeting:
  6. a)Cleancarpet using specialized carpet treatments (A2Solution™) that denature or deactivate 
  7. b)Usecarpet treatments (MiteOut®) that control dust mite 


Secondary Steps: Throughout the House

  1. Do not keep any pets, especially cats, dogs, hamsters or rabbits which produce allergens themselves. If you insist on keeping pet, prevent it from entering or staying in  the bedroom to reduce the number of allergens present. Take your pet for grooming regularly. (PetCare™Pet Shampoo)
  2. Remove or minimize upholstered furniture (e.g. stuffed toys, cushions, curtains etc.) especially excessive bed linens on the bed or use allergen denaturing spray (A2

Solution™) to eliminate the allergens.

  1. Keep surface and storage clean and dry, frequently clean your carpeting. Wipe furniture, drawers, closets and other surfaces to get rid of dust. Use a vacuum cleaner with Miele HEPA flter and multi-layer bags for maximum allergen containment.
  2. Use Miele HEPA air cleaner and A2Solution™to remove airborne allergens in the house.
  3. Keep humidity levels between 35-40% or using M2Oxide® and MiteOut® to minimize mold and dust mite populations.


Use Hypoallergenic skincare products to moisturize your skin from time to time

Remove all the allergen-prone items in your houses, such as stuffed animals, fabric products, and carpets where possible

Use dust-mite-proof products to block dust mites and other allergens

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You can be sure that our anti-allergy products are safe and effective. Our products are recognized with international certifcations from professional organizations and universities, an assurance that you can confidently use our products in your home and with your family.

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Wong Mei Fong | 小童

我患有濕疹同眼敏感多年,一直都有睇中醫同西醫,但情況一直都未好轉! 皮膚始終都係乾燥脫皮,對眼更加嚴重,長期又腫又痕,直至朋友介紹我用ABC嘅床上用品,情況明顯改善,依家已經唔需要睇醫生食藥!

May | 成人


梁婉珊 | 嬰兒

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