Repairing your Damaged Cells and Irritated Skin while you sleep


  • White List Product by World Green Organization
  • Nurturing Lotion helps to regain the moisture and prevent skin dryness through its natural ingredients.
  • It works throughout the night to hydrate the skin, relieve irritations, and regenerate the foundation of the skin to soothe the discomfort
  • Therapeutic, lightweight and easy-to-spread formula
  • Contains natural olive oil and glycerin which is a unique combination that helps repairing the skin base intensively during night time
  • Helps to refine the skin and combat surface dehydration
  • Contains no sulfates, phosphates, glutens, or any of these common irritants, fragrance, preservatives and color
  • Can be used daily and frequently if needed
  • Non-comedogenic, quickly absorbed and non-staining
  • Suitable and safe for infants, babies and adults who is suffering from atopic dermatitis

*This product contains natural ingredients derived from plants, the color, texture and odor may change over time and natural sedimentation may be found.




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