Don’t let allergic conjunctivitis affect your happiness!

When your eyes feel itchy, dry, red, and swollen, you are probably experiencing allergic conjunctivitis. In Hong Kong, over the last decade the number of people with allergic conjunctivitis has risen from 70,000 to 200,000, and one in six children has allergic conjunctivitis, with 40% of them having Allergic Rhinitis as the same time. Many people think it is just an itch and they rub their eyes without knowing they are suffering from allergic conjunctivitis. According to local research posted on Mingpao, medical specialists indicate that rubbing eyes for a long period can loosen the eyelid muscle and even lead to ptosis, not just affecting the way you look, but also damaging your cornea. If you do not receive proper treatment, your eyesight can become permanently damaged. Parents need to pay more attention to children who extensively rub their eyes, and they cannot ignore the signs of allergic conjunctivitis and the potential risk in order to prevent damage to their eyesight. It is better to take action to prevent the allergy before it is too late!

Golden 10

Initial Steps: Start from the Bedroom

  1. EncasePillow
  2. Encase Mattress
  3. Encase comforterin zippered impermeable cover
  4. Washall blankets, sheets, pillow covers and mattress pads in hot water (55˚C-60˚C) or with our patented laundry detergent (A2Clean™) once a week to remove dust mites and allergens.
  5. Removebedroom carpeting if at all possible. If unable to remove carpeting:
  6. a)Cleancarpet using specialized carpet treatments (A2Solution™) that denature or deactivate 
  7. b)Usecarpet treatments (MiteOut®) that control dust mite 


Secondary Steps: Throughout the House

  1. Do not keep any pets, especially cats, dogs, hamsters or rabbits which produce allergens themselves. If you insist on keeping pet, prevent it from entering or staying in  the bedroom to reduce the number of allergens present. Take your pet for grooming regularly. (PetCare™Pet Shampoo)
  2. Remove or minimize upholstered furniture (e.g. stuffed toys, cushions, curtains etc.) especially excessive bed linens on the bed or use allergen denaturing spray (A2Solution™) to eliminate the allergens.
  1. Keep surface and storage clean and dry, frequently clean your carpeting. Wipe furniture, drawers, closets and other surfaces to get rid of dust. Use a vacuum cleaner with Miele HEPA flter and multi-layer bags for maximum allergen containment.
  2. Use Miele HEPA air cleaner and A2Solution™to remove airborne allergens in the house.
  3. Keep humidity levels between 35-40% or using M2Oxide® and MiteOut® to minimize mold and dust mite populations.



Get enough rest and keep your face and the area around your eyes clean at all times

Avoid rubbing your eyes to prevent further infection and worsening of the allergy

Stay away from dust mites and other allergens, use our allergen neutralizing products to control the allergy

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